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The BF Artist Film Festival is a critical platform for artists working with moving image. The BFAFF curator Beth Fox has selected a programme of films from the archive responding to the theme ‘Breaking the Fifth Wall’. 

PART I explicitly deals with the fallout from sharing our lives with our digital selves – a heightened level of self-consciousness. This manifests as a compulsion towards reflexivity and an obsession with our own physicality. ‘Zip Zap Boing’ showcases films where the creative process acts as a point of departure but then stays where it is, resulting in films about making films. Other artists explore the body’s physical presence within the space it occupies; films that display a preoccupation with edges, tunnels, doorways, and the limitations of the physical world. 


PART II showcases films that explore the Internet as subject matter; the development of the digital self and the algorithm as all-knowing and omnipresent. The language of niche online communities, dating sites and user comments are appropriated to narrate the story of our current relationship with technology; a relationship that is uncomfortable yet inescapable.

More information: PIXELACHE 2019 Festival website

Oranssi, Kaasutehtaankatu 11/20, Helsinki         

PART I Wednesday 22.05.19 6-9PM

PART II Thursday 23.05.19 6-9PM

‘PART I - Zip Zap Boing’

Parallax Something Equals Everything by David Sherry (9)

Do You Feel Sexy? by Cindy Hinant (2.00)

The Self Centred by Electra Lyhne-Gold (7.00)

Actions on stillness by Imann Gaye (2.00)

Space Composition by Marta Krześlak  (5.27)

Commanding Content by Karolina Magnusson Murray (7.36)

R.O.T.M. by Max Hollands (3.00)

00II by Ankita Anand (4.00)

GIF Cat GIF by Claire Davies (8.00)

There You Are by Maxima Smith (2.08)

Tunnel by Duncan Poulton (2.40)

How to buy nothing by Micheál O'Connell a.k.a. Mocksim (1.00)

Desktop Drama by Myles Painter (9.55) 

Anything I Can do is Not Art Because I’m Not an Artist by Jim and Sid (3.15)


‘PART II - Attack Ships on Fire '

Hello and Good Evening by Guy Oliver (3.00)

Carla is ready for love by Nura Catalan (1.26)

We Exist Between Layers of the Surface by Samantha Harvey (4.50)

Welcome to Introduction to Fractal Sex by Simón García-Miñaúr (2.37) 

Multi-Lens Uncertainty by Jacob Levi (8.05)

Holiday Worlds by Campbell McConnell (5.05)

Call On Me Call On Me Call On Me Call On Me / CCCCaaaallll OOOOnnnn MMMMeeee by Ryo Ikeshiro (3.35)

lacoste1 by Gary Zhexi Zhang (8.34)

Story Time with Mr. Orange by Sid and Jim (7.10)

Mum Selfie by Floriebunda (2.00)

Supreme by Maud Craigie (9.10)

Forever in a Day by Eden Mitsenmacher (3.06)

Inject With Life by Laura Yuile (5.00)

Ariane by Naomi Fitzsimmons (13.05)

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