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While being stylistically diverse the BF Artist Film Festival X films all explore a common theme: Our sense of loneliness and isolation during late Capitalism; a period of increased individualism, political instability and ever-widening economic disparity. These films reflect working class aspirations in the era of zero hour contracts set against a backdrop of sub/urban regeneration where, in spite of the alienation prevalent in today’s neo-liberal economy, the pub, nightclub, and digital world provide spaces where transformation, enchantment and romance can occur. 




Value by Patricia Azevedo, Clare Charnley & Geoff Clout (6.59)

Three Meals from Anarchy by John O'Hare & Tom Phipps (6)

Dad, Dancing by Gabriella Davies (3.01)

In Your Room Chris Michael  (5.46)

On Your Side by Kit Mead  (0.58)

Construction Lines by Max Colson  (7.41)

I DON'T SEE DEER by Stella Mastorosteriou  (6.08)

Practical Fiction by Alexandros Pissourios    (11.16)

Specific Emotions by Dominic Watson & Dominic Watson (6.01)




Drinking Ceausescu’s wine by Thomas Nicolaou (4.55)

Anthology of a foot by Cristina Calvache (4.43)

Au Pair by Tamar Magradze (7.06)

François 2018 by Christoph Andreas Pelczar (3.12)

Threadbare by Louis Scantlebury (7.33)

youre always on mind by Warren Garland (2.28)

Farce, Fall and Failure by Eve Pettit  (0.19)

Suburban Cookie Collector by Michael Dignam (9.59)

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