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BF_Artist Film Festival VII_print.jpg

The BF Artist Film Festival VII programme has been selected from over 500 applicants and curated to showcase current technical approaches and thematic concerns explored by moving image artists. Domesticity and banality, voyeurism and sexuality, navigating the Internet and our relationships within the urban environment, are all themes that have occurred naturally through the selection process.



00II by Ankita Anand (4.00)

What happens when  by Laura Rouzet (4.00)

Riding DABDA+ by Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood (8.00)

Mum Selfie by Floriebunda (2.00)

Hostile Sites – 2 by Katja Verheul (7.30)

Do You Feel Sexy? by Cindy Hinant (2.00)

Brush by Rosie Gibbens (1.00)

Buttered Up by Áine Philips (7.00)




Over by Izzy McEvoy (3.00)

Grocery Store by Noelle Fitzsimmons (5.05)

Actions on stillness by Imann Gaye (2.00)

GIF Cat GIF by Claire Davies (8.00)

Drums by Rosie McGinn (1.00)                                          

5-9 by Ulf Lundin (8.30)

Holiday Worlds by Campbell McConnell (5.05)

Left Wanting More by Sam Mercer (5.00)

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