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Official Welcome by Beth Fox VI (1.00)

Utopia Process by Chen Wang (4.40)

21:21 by Alex Culshaw (5.24)

Repetition and Variation by Eugene Macki (3.12)

Unite the dots to make the image appear by Pamela Breda (1.30)

Public Relations/ Professional Body (Part 3) by Rosie Gibbens (4.04)

LEGOISIS and the destruction of the Mosul museum by Adrian Lee (1.00)

Papi and the Pretty Boys by Lauren La Rose (8.35) PG




This Watermotor makes No Sense unless I’m doing it with you by Nadja Voorham (7.52)

Inject With Life by Laura Yuile (5.00)

The Pouch of Douglas by Becky Brewis (3.27)

Handing People Blank Paper on Oxford High Street by Miki Holloway (1.58)

Both performers begin standing at opposite corners of the room by Nina Davies (4.40)

'Outtakes & Bloopers! Again…' by Ruth Waters (1.58)

Desktop Drama by Myles Painter (9.55)

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