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Official Welcome by Beth Fox V (6.00)

u r my sunshine  by Liadain Evans (3.25)

Snow by David Baumflek (4.40)

Things Become Things - David Bethell (6.00)

Clear-Cut by Carolyn Lambert (4mins 54secs)

How to buy nothing by Micheál O'Connell a.k.a. Mocksim (1.00)

The Self Centred by Electra Lyhne-Gold (7.00)

Meatmold byJaime Sunwoo (1.04)

Fruit Fight by Luiza Kurzyna (1.00)




Carla is ready for love by Nura Catalan (1.26) PG

experiments in the resonance of control by Charlie Ford (9.00)

Work to Play by Luiza Kurzyna (3.15)

REDSKY66 by Ruth Waters (17.00)

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