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Hello and Good Evening by Guy Oliver (3.00)

And the Month You Were Born? by Alastair Levy (3.37)

R.O.T.M. by Max Hollands (3.00)

The Road to Middle England by John O’Hare (4.13)

lacoste1 by Gary Zhexi Zhang (8.34)

Tunnel by Duncan Poulton (2.40)

Add a Line by Natalie Anastasiou (5.50)

Muddafucka by Harriet Rickard (8.00) PG




What Kind of Fame You Have? by Maria Kapajeva (5.00)

Welcome to Introduction to Fractal Sex by Simón García-Miñaúr (2.37) 

System Check by Lazeez Raimi (3.49)

Janchi Guksu (Banquet Noodles) by Ellie Kyungran Heo (5.00)

The Hand in Hand by Alex McNamee & Jamie Stiby Harris (2.00)

Infinite Pools by Gordon Culshaw (10.00)

Frog by Rebecca Moss (2.14)

People said that you were easily led by George Morris (5.00)

Anything I Can do is Not Art Because I’m Not an Artist by Jim and Sid (3.15)

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